Brake Service Overview

We offer full brake inspection and repair services using Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or industry-standard aftermarket parts.

Brake Service

  • Brake pads or shoes installed
  • Brake components inspected
  • Brake rotors or drums resurfaced
  • Brake fluid exchange / bleeding brakes (which removes brake fluid contaminants and moisture)
  • Brake calipers and/or wheel cylinders installed


  • How do I know if my brakes need to be serviced or replaced?

    Possible signs that your brakes may need to be serviced:

    Grinding, Squeaking or squealing brakes

    Brake pedal feels uncomfortably soft (having to depress the pedal down to the floor)

    Shaking steering wheel

    Vehicle pulsating when you drive at highway speeds

  • What kind of parts do you use?

    We use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts from respective dealerships in the NYC area.  We also use a variety of high-quality aftermarket parts such as Wagner, Wells, and Napa Auto Parts to name a few.

  • How often should I have my brakes checked or changed?

    While brake pads tend to last about 50,000 miles on average, our shop is primarily servicing New York City based vehicles, which means they take (on average) more wear and tear on a day-to-day basis.

    There are several factors that driver’s should take into account when it comes to their vehicle and its brakes:

    Driving Habits: Some drivers start and stop abruptly while others coast to a stop most of the time. This greatly affects how long the brake pads last.

    Environment: Due to stop-and-go traffic and traffic lights, driving in the city is harder on the brakes of a vehicle than on country or highway roads.  Mountainous areas can also increase the rate of wear on the brakes.

    Materials: The materials that make up the brake pads and rotors also factor into the brakes’ durability.  Carbon-ceramic brakes last longer than standard brakes, they need to be warmer than the alternative to be effective.

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